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The W. P. Carey Foundation is a private U.S. foundation founded in 1990 by Wm. Polk Carey. The Foundation’s giving philosophy is inspired by the Carey family’s legacy of educational leadership and philanthropy. The W. P. Carey Foundation’s primary mission is to support educational institutions with the larger goal of improving America’s competitiveness in the world.

About Us

Our support goes to results-driven institutions with track records of demonstrable success and exceptional leadership

The majority of the W. P. Carey Foundation's giving is directed to organizations with longstanding ties to the Carey family.

The Foundation's support for business and legal education is focused on student and faculty recruitment, interdisciplinary degrees and career guidance.

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The main focus of the Foundation's support to K-12 schools is on admissions and college guidance.

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The Foundation continues to support hospitals, performing arts organizations and museums.

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Wm. Polk Carey was an entrepreneur, a pioneer in global corporate finance and philanthropist

His life and career can be defined by two core principles from which he founded both W. P. Carey in 1973 and the W. P. Carey Foundation in 1990 – Investing for the Long Run® and Doing Good While Doing Well®.

"Doing Good While Doing Well means that when we are financing properties for companies we are also helping the communities those companies serve. It is important to always ask, ‘What is the impact of what we are doing? What is good for society? What is good for the country?’" -Wm. Polk Carey

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